START run full-time workshops in UAE, Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Turkey and India art education for refugee and orphaned children. In the UAE, START run workshops for children with special needs including Autism and Down Syndrome.


In the UAE

START hosts workshops for children with special needs including Autism and Down Syndrome. START’s programme aims to help children augment their critical thinking, problem solving and cognitive development. The workshops are taught by practicing artists who volunteer their time to create lesson plans and directly engage with the children. START’s volunteers work with the children on a one to one basis and an exhibition at the end of term is held, where friends, family and members of the art community come to enjoy the achievements of the children.


START have launched additional workshops with:

  Tuesday Group at the Jamjar, Dubai
  Dubai Autism Center
  Al Noor Training Centre for Children with special needs, Dubai
  Senses, Dubai
  Social Care Center for Children, Sharjah
  Manzil, Sharjah
  Tender Hearts, Dubai
  Abu Dhabi Music and Art Foundation (ADMAF)
  Zayed Higher Organization for Humanitarian care and special needs
  New England Center for Children, Abu Dhabi
  Goals Center, Abu Dhabi
  The Future Center, Abu Dhabi


1 in 88 children have Autism and it is the fastest growing developmental disability


In UAE, Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Turkey and India


START runs art workshops for refugee, orphaned and special needs children. The START team go into the refugee camps and orphanages to support vulnerable children.


Right now our world is facing the most difficult times with over 59.5 million people around the world already displaced/forced from home and 42,500 people being forcibly displaced every day as a result of conflict or persecution. Among them over 51% are under.


We are deeply committed to supporting displaced Palestinian and Syrian children, their problems include children unable to attend school due to poverty, concern for life and safe-being, distance, exclusion, limited and insufficient formal and non-formal education opportunities.


Our workshops give them the opportunity to be kids again, to laugh, create, develop a sense of self worth and have fun in a safe and free environment - a reality some children can only dream of. And in all our locations, START provides the opportunity for the children to exhibit their work, a celebration of their creativity, and enjoy educational trips and excursions to art galleries and museums.


START reach over 2,000 refugee and orphaned children every week.


Jordan Summer Exhibition of children's art works, July 2013


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