Amal Al Darwish – START Scholarship – Lebanon 2014 – Supported by Stephenson Harwood


Amal is a passionate, intelligent and hard working young woman. This scholarship will provide Amal the opportunity to go to university in Lebanon to study Interior Deisgn, fund her accommodation. START will also provide training and mentorships from prestigious organizations across Beirut for Amal to develop her skills, knowledge and better her current circumstances.


Amal Al Darwish Scholarship

Amal Al Darwish was unable to attend the START Masquerade Ball 2014, but recorded a message of thanks


Noamaan – START Scholarship – Dubai Autism Center 2014 Supported by OMD


START is delighted to be continuing their support by offering Noamaan for a 3rd year of full time education at Dubai Autism Center.


Noamann suffers from Autism and has been receiving tailor made therapy sessions, including occupational and movement therapy at Dubai Autism Centre for the last 2 year. This early intervention is important to support Noamann’s growth and development

Noaman at Dubai Autism Center

Noamaan at Dubai Autism Center

 Benazeer Noaman's Mother

Benazeer Taher Ahmed (Noamaan‘s Mother collecting the award of his behalf) and Nadim Samara, Managing Director at OMD.


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